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For those that just joined the ring, here's the code that you must put on your first bird of prey page. There is a graphical version and a text only version. Just copy and paste the HTML onto your page. Feel free to adjust the colors and fonts of both versions so that if goes with your page. The only other thing is to put your site ID number where it says your_site_id_here within the HTML.

Graphical Version
Remember to also grab this graphic too.
  bopring.gif (5443 bytes)

</p> <table BORDER="6"> <tr> <td BGCOLOR="#000000"><p align="center"><a HREF="" TARGET="_top"><img SRC="bopring.gif" BORDER="0"></a></td> <td BGCOLOR="#000000"><p align="center"><font COLOR="#ffffff"><i>Member of...</i></font> <a HREF="" TARGET="_top">TheBirds of Prey Webring</a> <font COLOR="#FFFFff">[<a HREF=";id=&lt;I&gt;your_site_id_here&lt;/I&gt;&amp;sprev" target="_top">Skip Prev</a>] [<a HREF=";id=&lt;I&gt;your_site_id_here&lt;/I&gt;&amp;prev" target="_top">Prev</a>] [<a HREF=";id=&lt;I&gt;your_site_id_here&lt;/I&gt;&amp;next" target="_top">Next</a>] [<a HREF=";id=&lt;I&gt;your_site_id_here&lt;/I&gt;&amp;skip" target="_top">Skip Next</a>]<br> [<a HREF=";ring=birdofprey" target="_top">Random</a>] [<a HREF=";id=&lt;I&gt;your_site_id_here&lt;/I&gt;&amp;next5" target="_top">Next 5</a>] [<a HREF=";list" target="_top">List Sites</a>]</font></font></small>

Text Version

</p> <p align="left"><font face="arial" size="3"><b>Member of the<br> <a HREF=";home/">Birds of Prey Webring</a></b> <br> <font size="1">[<a HREF=";id=your_site_id_here&amp;sprev" target="_top">Skip Prev</a>] [<a HREF=";id=your_site_id_here&amp;prev" target="_top">Prev</a>] [<a HREF=";id=your_site_id_here&amp;next" target="_top">Next</a>] [<a HREF=";id=your_site_id_here&amp;skip" target="_top">Skip Next</a>]<br> [<a HREF=";ring=birdofprey" target="_top">Random</a>] [<a HREF=";id=your_site_id_here&amp;next5" target="_top">Next 5</a>] [<a HREF=";list" target="_top">List Sites</a>]</font></font></font></small>

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