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from left to right: Larry, Bono, ?, Adam, the Edge      U2 has been and still is producing politically and emotionally driven songs has been alive and kicking for some twenty odd years. Bono, The Edge, Larry Mullen Jr, and Adam Clayton met at their school,Mount Temple High School in the late 70's. Of course, starting out, they were bad. But playing gig after gig, they improved and developed a cult like following.
     They released their first studio album, Boy in 1980 followed by October in 1981 and War in 1983. As the years went by, so did their following. U2 was already popular in the UK. Their song, Sunday Bloody Sunday, clinched their worldwide appeal. Rolling Stone magazine, by then had named them the Band of the Year.
     U2 continued to produce albums -- The Unforgettable Fire and The Joshua Tree. Then during the 1989 New Year's Eve show in Dublin, Bono announced, "This is just the end of something for U2. It's no big deal, it's just that we have to go away and dream it all up again." That was the end of an era for the band.
     In 1991, U2 re-emerged with a new sound and their seventh album, Achtung Baby. After releasing this album, Bono and the boys packed up and launched the Zoo TV tour. This tour propelled them through their planned single but evolved into an album, Zooropa. Then in 1997, Pop was released and an accompanying tour, Popmart, commenced.
     October 2nd, 2000, U2 released their tenth studio album, All That You Can't Leave Behind.  It got rave reviews from both critics and fans. The sound was joyful, while the lyrics melancholy and deep. U2 had stripped down their sound back to just having 4 guys jamming in a room. In March 2001, the Elevation Tour was launched...
     OK, so you're wondering...why U2? I dunno, but I got hooked back in the late 80's. I was flipping through the radio and I heard With or Without You. I was in middle school then and was totally blown away by the song. I went out and bought the Joshua Tree album and have been a fan ever since. Their music strikes a chord in my heart...I just dunno how to put it into words. The passion with which Bono sings, Edge's awesome riffs, Adam's bass, and Larry's accompanying drums all have something to do with it. I think they made me pay attention to what was happening in the world, they still do. I can't name one album or song that is a favorite because I love all of their's like a soundtrack to my life. :)
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