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E's Collection


     The sound of skates cutting into the ice...the electricity in the air...the roar of the crowd...a flash of silver as Lord Stanley's Cup is hoisted victoriously overhead...That my friends is what it is all about.

Since I have become slighty obsessed with hockey, I've amassed quite a bit of hockey-related stuff - cards, programs, jerseys, etc. Here's a sampling of what's in my hockey room... 

Columbus Blue Jackets - Road, CCM, signed by whole team including coaches
Columbus Blue Jackets - Road, customized w/ Kevin Dineen's name & #, auto'd on #
Hartford Whalers - Late 90's Road, customized w/ Dineen's name, # & captain's "C"
Hartford Whalers - Mid 80's Road, CCM, #11 sewn on back

NOB - Name on Back  NOBR - Name on Back Removed

Lethbridge Hurricanes - #3 Jamie Pushor NOBR, 1991-92 Home, CCM Airknit, light/moderate wear, obtained from Spivack & Kraut. Lots of team repairs found on the front and sleeves. The fight strap looks as if it was ripped out then sewn back into place. There's evidence of rust in the fight strap buttons. A few stick/puck marks as well as board burns on sleeves and body. There is decent piling on the inside. A WHL 25th Anniversary patch is sewn onto the right shoulder. The captain's "C" and nameplate was removed, but Jamie's name was screened onto back. The size tags were cut out and the CCM and CHL logos are embroidered onto the bottom hem on the back. Click on the thumbanils below to enlarge.

My first gamer! I took it to get signed (on the inside behind the crest) by Push a while ago. He was pleasantly surprised that I had it and wanted to buy it from me. I told him that I'd think about it. I might just give it to him in Sept when training camp starts. :) Update, 9/30/02 - I did end up giving Push the jersey during a signing held at the zoo during the Jacket's 2001-02 season.

Regular Season Playoffs
Season          Team                        GP    G     A     Pts      PIM GP     G    A    Pts    PIM
1991-92          Lethbridge Hurricanes 49     2     15    17      232   --      --    --     --        --


front back a sampling of repairs Jamie's auto, repairs, interior piling WHL Anniversary patch


Columbus Chill - #15 Tyler McMillan NOB, 1996-97 Home, OT Subli-K, light wear, obtained from Jimm Witherell (originally obtained directly from the team). A light spattering of stick marks found on body (front & back) & sleeves. Board burns, paint transfer & small unrepaired holes can be found on sleeves. There's a 2 inch tear (massive board burn) on the left sleeve above the #15. On the lower back corner (right side) there's an ECHL/OT tag sewn onto the jersey. Click thumbnails to enlarge.

Update, 9/30/02 - Sold it to a fellow collector many moons ago.

Regualr Season Playoffs
Season             Team                                    GP     G     A     Pts       PIM GP     G    A    Pts    PIM
1998-99            Columbus Chill 11      0       0      0           0   --     --      --     --         --


front back ECHL/OT tag tear on upper left sleeve


Medicine Hat Tigers - #21 Vernon Fiddler NOBR, 1999-00 Home, Bauer, light/moderate wear, obtained directly from the team. Stick marks sprinkled all over jersey with the most found on the sleeves. Board burns and paint transfers can also be seen on the sleeves. Fight abuse on the neck with the stiching coming undone. There is decent piling on the inside on the lower back as well as on the sleeve cuffs. On the front, a Crysler patcch is on the right breast and Bauer's flying B logo is embroidered on the left. And on the back bottm hem, both the CHL logo and Bauer are embroidered. The "A" and nameplate was removed. The fight strap is stretched out and stained pink from washing. Click thumbnails to enlarge.
Regular Season Playoffs
Season             Team                 GP      G     A     Pts      PIM GP     G     A     Pts     PIM
2000-01             Medicine Hat Tigers 70       33   40    73       100   --       --     --     --         --


front back tagging, fight abuse along neck


Quebec Citadelles - #5 Gennady Razin NOBR, 2000-01 (?) Road, Bauer, light/moderate wear, obtained from Christian at CTM-Ste-Foy.Com. Stick marks, board burns, paint transfers and small unrepaired holes can be found mainly on the sleeves. 2 1 1/2" rips can be found on the left sleeve in the elbow area. A few board burns can be found on the body of the jersey as well as a couple light stick marks. Material  snagging can be seen on the front bottom hem. Has the Dodge patch and flying B on the front. An oval AHL patch is sewn onto the back neck above the nameplate area. On the bottom hem, there is a small circle AHL patch and Bauer embroidered. Click thumbnails to enlarge.
Regular Season Playoffs
Season              Team                & GP     G    A    Pts     PIM GP     G    A    Pts     PIM
1999-00             Quebec Citadelles 66       2    9    11        29   3        0   0     0           0
2000-01             Quebec Citadelles 69       3   19    22       25   9        0   0     0           4


front back board burns & tears tagging, Dodge patch, the flyin' B


Game Used Equipment
Sherwood PMPX 9950 (stick) - Kevin Dineen's from the 00-01 season (Jackets). Black tape on blade and nob. Shows good game use. Cracked along blade and partway up the shaft. Stamped with "Dineen 11" on one side and 7 written on the end of the nob. Obtained directly from Kev during a practice at the Ice Haus.

Sherwood PMPX 9950


Titan ASD 6000 (stick) - Dineen's from the 92-93 season (Flyers). Black tape on blade and nob. Shows good game use as well. Stamped with "K. Dineen 30 Oct 1992" and 2 written on the end of the nob. Uncracked. Obtained off of eBay.

Titan ASD 6000


Vaughn F2000 (gloves) - Dineen's from the 94-95 (?) season (Flyers). Black with white accents - piping across the back, fingers & wrist. Name screened on cuffs of both gloves. Scuffed up and can see stick marks. Both palms are black and grungy. There's an extra piece of leather sewn onto the palm of the left glove. Tags were cut out. Photo matched. Obtained as a grad gift from my brothers (the LOA is from Spivack & Kraut). Click on the thumbnail to enlarge.
Gloves, palm down dirty palms up a closer look at the left glove check out Kev's gloves ;)



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