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     The sound of skates on the ice...the electricity in the air...the goal horn sounding mindnumbingly loud...the estatic roar of the crowd...a flash of silver as Lord Stanley's Cup is hoisted victoriously overhead...

     That my friends is what it is all about.  You've got fast paced action, bone crushing checks, sweet passes, beautiful goals and unbelievable saves.

     I've been a casual fan for a couple years since my best bud in high school got me hooked.  I would always be hanging out at his place watching hockey (primarily the Whalers, his fave team) on the tube. Granted I didn't know much about the sport so I'd ask a lot of questions and he'd patiently explain what the hell was going on. Funny, that's when I took notice of Kevin Dineen buzzing all over the ice.  Or we'd go to a Chill game or two.  I was excited and happy to hear that we (Columbus) would be getting a NHL team.  Finally a team to call my own. Just the waiting for the puck to drop on Oct 7th was crazy. I watched many of the games at the begining of the season on the tube. Definately not the same as actually being at the game, but I was majorly hooked, heading into die-hard fan territory. I went to my first game on Nov 19th ( we lost horribly 6-1) and had a blast! Walking into Nationwide Arena that night was just...I dunno...mindblowing? I get goosebumps just thinking about it. I went to my first open practice later that month and was needless to say in awe. So I have gone off the deep-end. My folks who are as traditional Chinese as you can get think I'm nuts. Hehe. They come to visit and see all the hockey stuff all over and just give me this look. Heh. They just haven't been shown towards the light... :)


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