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   More of my work...Enjoy!
Cat got your tougue?! This is one of my earlier works, but I just scanned it in.  I quickly did this with a sharpie before a high school drawing class.  Pretty snazzy, huh?  I lost a couple brain cells while drawing this, 'cause of the damn sharpie. :)
Kookaburra More birds...a quick sketch of one of the kookaburras I worked with while in the shows department at the zoo.  This is Dundee.
Griffon pencil study - profile shot I was doodling the other night and had griffons on the brain.  A head study of a griffon in profile.
Another griffon pencil study - 3/4 shot Another head study of a griffon, but a 3/4 view. One of these days, I'll do a whole body shot and maybe it'll be in color.
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