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Welcome! Just a place on the web to call my own. I revised the look and moved locations and both will pretty much be permanent. We all have to have things that we are passionate about or we would be very boring...below are a few things that I'm crazy about...

Birds of Prey: I love these high flying killing machines. Some info and pics.
Hockey: My favorite sport, what can I say? Inside: fav team, player & a growing jersey collection.
: So I like to can find some things that I created.  I've included a brief explaination/story with each piece.

Thomas Jane: click this and it'll take you to my other page dedicated to indie actor, Thomas Jane. He's one to watch. Uh...I haven't updated this in ages...just an FYI...
U2: A small homage to those four irish lads. IMHO, the best damn band in the land! :)
Links: Places on the 'net I like to go.
Email: Comments, suggestions, questions, 'em my way :)


" you got to cry without weeping
talk without speaking
scream without raising your voice"

What's New

July 21, 2001

Updated finally! Jersey descriptions and pics are up in the hockey section. Also added quotes and a "photo of the week" feature on the Dineen page in the hockey section. And added a new hockey link. Shocking, yes? Nah. :)


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