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Walk On [5 of 6]
by Elena


Earlier that same day around 1 o'clock in the afternoon, Logan finally reached the mansion. So intent on his mission of finding the envelope and Marie, he failed to pick up on the angst filled screaming coming from the woods adjacent to the mansion. And if Marie had stopped venting her frustrations to the heavens above and listened closely to the surrounding countryside, she would have heard the throaty rumble of a Harley coming up the drive to the mansion.

Pulling into the garage and parking the bike, striding past a shocked Cyclops, I smirked and grunted, "Summers."

<Mmmm…nothing like rankling good 'ol One-Eye's world>

Going directly to Marie's room knocking on the door, "Marie?"

Not getting a response, I tried turning the doorknob and found it unlocked. Peering into her room and glancing around, I didn't see the envelope lying anywhere.

<Thank God. Maybe I beat it here. I should check with Chuck just to make sure.>

Rapping on the Professor's office door, I entered catching him off guard.

"Come i--Logan!"


"What are you doing here? I couldn't locate your presence."

"Locate my presence? I thought I told you not to bother me. Long story anyway. I don't remember much myself. Listen, do you know if Marie received a package in the mail?"

<Oh, please God let him say no.>

Sighing, the Professor massaged the bridge of his nose as he answered, "Yes, Logan she did. Should I have Rogue meet us?"

<Shit. Oh God. I gotta find Marie.>

Audibly groaning, I let my shoulders slump. Moving to the window, I looked out onto the well landscaped grounds of the mansion.

"No. I--I'll go find her."

"Ok. If you don't mind, I'd like Jean to look you over first."

At the mention of Jean's name a brief flicker of warmth grew in my heart but quickly faded to be replaced by a knot of pain. Nodding, I sullenly walked out of the office and down to the medlab. Having been warned by the Professor, Jean met me at the entrance of the lab.

"Logan! It's good to see you."

Mustering enough heart I returned, "Yeah, you look great Jeannie."

"I'd like to draw some blood and run some tests, okay?"

"Yeah, sure. Make it quick, ok? I gotta go find Marie."

<And tell her what? I'm sorry that you thought I was dead…shit, I don't know.>

Patting my arm, Jean replied with a smile, "I'll do my best."

Fifteen minutes later, I was heading out of the mansion and walking briskly towards the woods neighboring the mansion. Tromping straight through would have taken me on a collision course with Marie, but I decided to veer left instead to find the bench I had carved long ago out of an enormous fallen tree trunk. Settling down I pulled out a cigar and lit it and began thinking about the situation at hand - my long absence, the envelope and Marie.

<I don't know what to say. The truth Logan, tell her the truth. Tell her what's in your heart. What is the truth? I love you, Marie. Damnit, you don't need a crass, belligerent old man prowling around after ya. I'm sorry about staying away for so long. I'm sorry for causing you so much worry and pain. You should have never gotten that God damn envelope. Hell, Chuck doesn't--I don't even know what happened to me. The past doesn't matter anymore. What matters is NOW. Today, tomorrow and the future.>

With dusk rapidly approaching, I made my way back to the mansion. Stopping in the kitchen to make a quick sandwich and grab a beer, I headed up to the roof to eat in peace.


Finally reaching the door leading to the roof, I pause to collect my thoughts, muttering to myself, "Well, here goes nothing…" and open the door, a slight chill running through my body.

<Gawd, why am Ah so nervous? And Ah'm getting that weird feeling again…>

I let out a small gasp as the brisk night air hit me. Turning to the right, I head to the bench. Shifting my attention to my Walkman, I load the tape and am just about to put the headphones over my ears when I notice that ever so faint trace of spicy cologne again. Finally fed up by the mind games I curse rather loudly to the night air, "Gawd, who the--?" Looking up I see a figure sitting on the bench, instantly the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.

<What the fuck? Great…the bench is taken already. Gawd, that guy looks like--like who, Rogue? Logan? He's gone, remember?>

I stride angrily towards the figure hunched forward on the bench, slamming my book and Walkman down I reach and grab the collar of the man's jacket with both hands. Face distorted with something akin to Logan's beserker rage, I yank the shocked man off his behind and pull him so that his face is a mere inch from mine. Glaring icily at him, between clenched teeth I hiss, "Alright, Ah am so fucking fed up with the fucking mind games. Who the fuck do you think you are? And who the fuck put you up to this, huh? Cause Ah am going to find them and beat the shit out of them, got it? You know what? Forget it-- >

The hand came whipping up from the right and connected with my cheek, stinging it.

Momentarily shocked, I growled, "Just. Get. Out. Of. My. Sight."

Releasing my hold on the man's collar, I turn and collapse onto the bench. The man straighten, stood for a heartbeat then turned and walked off. Leaning forward with my head falling into my propped up hands, my shoulders shook slightly as I began to softly cry.



Finishing my large roast beef sandwich with one final bite, I bent to put the empty plate down by his feet. Picking up my beer and lifting the longneck to my lips, I took a satisfying gulp and hunched forward to stare out into the night. I had heard the door leading to the roof open then click shut and the soft sound of footsteps, but I disregarded them as I in essence "zoned out" as those annoying kids would say.

As the distant trees blurred from my vision, a pair of large wide-spaced brown eyes surfaced in my conscience. A face, an unseen breeze blowing rich auburn hair about mixing it with shocking platinum locks. The pouty, luscious lips curled into a shy grin. The soft, lilting drawl echoing in my ears.

With the abrupt sound of an object being slammed down next to me, I snapped to attention and tensed. Not given the chance to growl out a response or to see who made the rude interruption, I was yanked off the bench and pulled forcibly to the offender's face. Focusing, my heart skipped a few beats.


Immediately I was verbally barraged by a string of angry questions and curses.

<What the fuck? Mind games?! Do something, you dumbass.>

I whipped my right hand up and out from my side and smacked her.

<Shit. Not the smartest OR the right thing to do. Shit.>

Seeing the shock register briefly before the rage settled back, she growled out the last words. Once the vice grip was released from my collar, I straightened and stood for a moment stunned before walking off.

<You idiot! Say something! You're not gonna let her go after all this? Fuckwit, do something!>


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