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Well, this is where the usual mumbo-jumbo goes. Got into html a couple of years ago and started puttering around with it. I guess you could say that this is an extenstion of who I really am. All of the stuff on these pages are things that shape the persson that I've become.

Birds of Prey. I have always been drawn to the natural world and this particular group of creatures have captured my heart for over 7 years and counting. My first experience with one was during the summer of '94. I had been voluteering at the Columbus Zoo and was helping out in the shows department. The keeper in charge called me over to the weathering yard and promptly gave me a falconer's gauntlet and a Great Horned Owl. Blew me away. Sparked something in me and I've been learning about those magnificent killers ever since.

Art. I love it, what can i say. I'm mostly into visual art - mixed media, painting, sculpting, drawing and sketching. See a pettern emerging? I'm a hand's-on girl. :) I enjoy going to museums and such. Kinda therapeutic,you know?

Kevin Dineen. Hmmm...fav player on the Blue Jackets. LET'S GO JACKETS! *clap*clap* *clap*clap*clap* Heh.

U2. These guys rock! Their new album, "All That You Can't Leave Behind" is simply their best yet. Those four men from Dublintown have made some beautiful music which has become the soundtrack to my life.

Thomas Jane. EXCELLENT actor. Incredibly good-looking guy. Check out my site dedicated to him.

Fan Fiction. On July 14th, I went to the theater and saw the highly anticipated "X Men" on the big screen. I walked out of that theater lusting for Logan and wondering what the hell would happen to Logan and Rogue. Yeah, he's old as sin and Rogue is just barely legal, but the sparks of chemistry flew between those two. I joined a couple Logan/Rogue 'shipper lists and became addicted to the fanfic written there. Just recently, I took the plunge and wrote my first L/R fic. And I'll tell ya now, there's gonna be a lot more. Viva Logan! Viva Rogue! :)

The Site Name: Ladyhawke's 34.Eleven. Mmm. Ladyhawke is my nickname on ICQ. It's also the title of a great movie directed by Richard Donner. I had #34 when I played lacrosse in high school many moons ago. And 11 is Kevin Dineen's number, my fave player on the Blue Jackets. I just put all that together into a semblance of sense and slapped it on this site.

The Webmistress. M'name's Elena. A recent college grad who is currently doing the damned job-hunting thang. My parents are of asian descent as well as my brothers and I. The 3 of us were born here in the US. The past 8 years I have either volunteered or worked at the Columbus Zoo, which is 5 minutes away. I wanted to work full-time there, but now I've become a wee bit disillusioned. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED working with the ppl and animals. It's just other stuff...Not even going to go there, it'll probably take a few more pages. If you really wanna know, email me and I'll regurge it all out for ya. :)

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